DENTtabs. Just clean teeth. No waste.

All about DENTTABS

  • DENTtabs are easy to use: Chew. Brush with a wet brush. Spit. Rinse and repeat.

  • DO NOT EAT DENTtabs. They are teeth cleaners, not breath mints.

  • DENTtabs are available in Fluoride and Fluoride-Free, so the precise amount of fluoride needed is ready and perfectly formulated for everyone over age 6.

  • DENTtabs are organic.

  • DENTtabs are a natural cosmetic.

  • DENTtabs are vegan.

  • DENTtabs are THE zero-waste, plastic-free alternative to those mixed-material tubes.

  • Microcrystalline cellulose is a polishing agent for your teeth- DENTtabs are specially formulated to polish without harsh abrasives. Get the dental-chair feel in your bathroom. Twice a day. Every day.

  • DENTtabs tooth tablets are TSA approved and travel-friendly.

  • DENTtabs come in menthol aroma, which offers a mint fresh finish for your mouth.