About Us

We are roasters of marshmallows. We are swimmers in the sea. We are silly and we try to be kind. We are worriers and wonderers. We are Kiwis and a bit of American, too. We are lovers of all things calm and quiet but also wild and wonderful. We are readers and movie-watchers. We are fishermen and kartwheel-doers. We are caretakers and guardians. Nothing belongs to us. It belongs to the future.

BOD Imports Ltd is a new venture, made just for toothtablets.com, but we have been trading a long time as other things. We are a small business, run by a family, living in the best little place for our little crew.

We are passionate about reducing the waste we put into the world. We are passionate about DENTtabs. We discovered DENTtabs on purpose; we actively sought out a solution for the horrors the tube of toothpaste was for the environment and the bathroom mirror. The manufacturers in Germany have been a wonderful source of support and inspiration. They love teeth and the environment. They carbon-neutral ship and everything. They approached this product from dental health aspect and we hope you love them as much as we do.

As a family filled with mouth-neglectors, we reckon it’s the best thing you never knew you needed. The bonus of the zero-waste tooth tablet was that it happened to be the best thing to happen to the mouths in this house. Healthy mouths and kids keen to brush made us all want a toothpaste revolution.

Overthrow the tube. Kia kaha.